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The Next Generation Louvered Roof

We at Sundance, identify ourselves as “The Next Generation Louvered Roof” but what does that mean?

The answer is simple. We have spent the last 13 years finding out the good things and things needed in louvered roofs.

Then innovating the things that would improve louvered roofs for residential and commercial customers.

With these significant improvements, it begins a new generation of louvered roofs.

Here are a couple of examples now customers can choose; the old corrugated ceiling look or the new flat tongue and groove ceiling look and louver pins that have metal to metal contact or the new louver bearings with low friction.

These are just some of the technological innovations.

For others, see the 14 advantages below.


The Sundance Louvered Roof was invented from the ground up,
thinking completely outside the box with these 14 features. 

  • 1

    Deepest and largest volume gutter on the market with two levels of LED light shelves.

  • 2

    6”x 6” heavy-duty extruded aluminum posts, which also can serve as downspouts.

  • 3

    2”x 8” heavy-duty extruded aluminum beams for longer spans between posts.

  • 4

    160 ° louver opening to catch more sun or adjust for shade as needed.

  • 5

    Beautiful, Designer heavy-duty extruded aluminum gutter (crown molding style).

  • 6

    Easier and quicker installation with innovative louver spring pins.

  • 7

    Gutter screen (the only one in the industry) for keeping leaves from clogging gutters.

  • 8

    Double skin insulated louvers, which reduce the heat transfer to the bottom.

  • 9

    4 structural girders inside the tectonic arch louver and two vertical stabilizers outside the louver resulting in the longest span and strongest snow load capacity in the industry!

  • 10

    Beautiful, flat, tongue-and-groove finished ceiling look when Louvers are closed.

  • 11

    Bumper/gasket to resist leaks and give quiet operation when closing Louvers.

  • 12

    Low friction ball bearings on each end of the louvers –1st in the industry for much longer product life instead of metal to metal grinding and squeaking.

  • 13

    IP-66 (waterproof) motor for any climate with 18-second travel each way for pinpoint shade.

  • 14

    Remote controlled and/or hardwired switch motor operation, as well as an in-home wall remote (optional). A smartphone controller option is also available.

All of these advantages will allow you to have a more robust, better looking, and longer lasting louvered roof, but the most important thing they provide is more outdoor living time for you and your family.